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The An Hero of Wammy's House!

The First Successor

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Despite the facetious name, this is a community for the peripheral character “A” from “Another Note”

1. Please place the following under a cut: Explicit fanart or fanfic, posts longer than 500 words, more than 5 icons, and images larger than 500x500.

2. When posting fanfic: You can either provide the entire story or chapter, post a link to a fanfic website, or post a link to your personal journal. (Please make sure all views are PUBLIC, your post will be deleted if you post a link to a friend-protected entry.) Also please provide a brief summary, the title, pairing(s) and warning(s) of any sensitive material.

3. Please do not post any RP ads unless you are specifically looking for an A player. There is already a comm for Death Note RP ads: deathnote_rpads.

4. Play nice. Whenever you are posting work you can expect criticism in return. When someone posts a work, it is not an excuse to act like an ass to them.

5. Ideas for contests or donations to the community can be sent by cotacting fliegenmaus(skewedsmallbird@gmail.com).
Though I can’t fathom why, some people have a tendency to become offended when such minor characters are given such attention. Personally I find the pathos contained in the lines:

“He…their generation was not like the fourth generation with Near and I…”

Another Note; pg. 105

“But even for a genius like Watari, creating a false L was easier said than done.”

Another Note; pg. 105

“The first child, A, was unable to handle the pressure of living up to L and took his own life…”

Another Note; pg. 105

Enough of a start to begin with. And who knows? The Death Note franchise is hardly dead, we may indeed get more information on the character; but until then its fun to speculate.

bb_anothernote: The community for Beyond Birthday

deathnote_news: A compilation of Death Note fandom news.

If you like to affiliate with us, please contact fliegenmaus(skewedsmallbird@gmail.com).
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